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TIM's levy issue:

I can't thank you enough for how you helped me and my family with our IRS problems.

The IRS went after me. They took my pay checks, cleaned out my bank accounts just before Christmas, put a garnishment on my wife's wages, put a lien on my house, visited me at my home, threatened me, scared the life out of me. They were tough and relentless. I couldn't sleep, I lost weight, and I was scared to death they would take my house. I had no one to turn to.

Howard Korntved was recommended to me by my employer. Howard got the IRS to listen and remove the garnishment. He then negotiated an incredible deal for me that I could afford.

I highly recommend Howard for all of your IRS problems.

fred finally comes to us:

We were quite fortunate to have finally come across you and your firm. You did in a few months what we and several attorneys had been unable to do over the previous 9 years.

You firm eliminated both the debt and the stress, and for that my wife and I are eternally grateful. We have no problem recommending you and your firm to anyone who needs an almost foolproof way of dealing with the IRS.

At last calculation the IRS indicated that our debt was approximately $178,826. You submitted an offer for $5,500 which was reluctantly accepted by the government.

Please feel free to share this letter with other prospective clients.

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jEnnifer's home lien problem:

 Jennifer and her husband jointly owned their home. He left her when he owed a large amount of State taxes. She owed nothing. Jennifer received his share of the jointly owned home on his abandonment. The State filed a lien on the jointly owned home. We petitioned for lien removal and were successful.

Jennifer wrote, "I just wanted to send a personal thank you for resolving this life changing matter for me. I went into this with blind faith and you came through for me magnificently.

Thank you for everything!"

david's ordeal:

Thank you so much for the work you did for me. I went through this for many years and dealt with several agencies that made promises to me they could not keep.

Your agency got my case settled for a fair amount and it was settled quickly.

I would recommend you and your agency to anyone."

David owed the IRS 22,000 and paid $1,000.

tony's payroll:

We owed over $65,000 including payroll trust taxes and with your help we settled for $2,500.

You took a complex case and handled it quickly and efficiently to a very successful outcome. Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

joan's business and personal:

Joan came to us when both she and her business owed the IRS.

Joan says, "I would like to thank you again for the great work you did for my health care agency. We never thought our problems with taxes could be resolved without severe complications and payments over our current liability.

It feels so good to know that we are free of past taxes.

You are the best!"

Joan's business owed over $420,000 and paid $6,000.

Joan personally owed over $70,000 and paid $5,299.