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Jim owed over $25,000 and settled for $1,000.

He writes, "I chose Korntved & Associates because I wanted a local expert and not one of those guys you hear on the radio.

Right from the start I knew I made the right choice. He laid out all my options and in the end we chose to submit an offer in compromise.

His knowledge and experience of the process and dealing with the IRS really put me at ease. He never made any false promises or guarantees. As we went along, I had many questions and he patiently answered each and every one of them.

I highly recommend Korntved & Associates."

we never got a testimonial on this one, but it has to be be listed!

Bruce was up to his elbows with nowhere to turn. Then, he found us.

 Bruce owed $1,000,050 when we did a compromise for him.

We compromised the ENTIRE $1,000,050 for $2,500.

Believe it or not, this happens on occasion when Korntved & Associates does compromises.

Bruce never sent a testimonial, but he has happily referred numerous clients for obvious reasons.

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other recently settled and paid:

Michael owed $50,000 and Paid $17,211.

Scott and Susan owed $317,413 and paid $57,360.

Charles owed $50,000 and paid $17,047.

Doug's business owed $495,000 and paid $49,971.

Roger owed $400,000 and paid $14,000.

Antonio owed $62,000 and paid $1,500

Sandra owed $125,000 and paid $7,380.

Brian owed $710,000 and paid $17,538.

andy's merry christmas:

Andy writes, " I received my IRS offer in compromise letter today.

The IRS has applied my $300 as payment toward the accepted offered amount of $1,500.

I owed approximately $55,000 and this is a great deal for me.

I am going to enjoy Christmas and New Year thanks to your firm." 

simply too many to list:

Nothing fake here.

We have submitted approximately 1,000 compromises and settled about 850 of them.

That is about 85%.

The industry norm is 26% at best.

Think about that for a moment, and then give us a call.


Renee owed $260,000 and paid $15,500.

Don owed $200,000 and paid $15,000.

Kimberly owed $60,000 and paid $14.400.

Jorge owed $35,000 and paid $6,514.

Raymond owed $980,000 and paid $24,805

Lyle owed $700,000 and paid $44,260.