IRS Compromise and the law - answers to common questions

What can be compromised?


The answer is almost everything - Business or Individual taxes. Civil and fraud taxes. By law, even taxes deemed IRS criminal taxes can possibly be compromised before referral to the Department of Justice. The tax law allows a great deal of flexibility for proactive taxpayers.

How much do i pay the tax agency when i make a compromise?


Most of our IRS compromises are  currently settling from 2 to 10 cents on the dollar. The savings can be huge, and it is all legally possible according to the Code.

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do i have to talk to the tax agencies?


Never. That is our job. The law allows us to do all the talking on your behalf. The only time you would talk to any of them is if we were in conference with you at the same time.

is my information kept private?


No tax agency - or anyone else - ever gets access to your information, unless absolutely necessary for a successful compromise.

do i have to travel to any office?


Never travel to our offices unless you actually want to see us. All compromises can be done by phone, fax and email. You never travel to any tax agency office either.

what are the fees for a compromise?


Our fees are flexible. We charge more if we do more and vice-versa. We also offer steep discounts if we do any State and IRS compromises at the same time.