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Solutions to IRS and State Tax Problems: Levy/Lien/Garnishment/Collections/Payment Plan/Offer in Compromise

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Korntved & Associates' mission is to have all clients suffer the least amount of aggravation while solving their problem in the least amount of time while having them pay the least amount in settlement.

Client Feedback
Craig writes, " I owed the IRS a lot of money. I went through two of those high profile attorneys you see on TV. They provided no results for me.

I found Korntved & Associates. I had personal contact with Howard, which was something I never experienced with the other companies. I was not contacted by an agent again. I had regular contact with Howard throughout the process. That was also something I did not experience with the other two companies.

Howard got me a settlement. This is not a TV testimonial, but a real live no bull*** offer. I owed the IRS $179,689 and we settled for $12,392.

I highly recommend Howard Korntved and Korntved & Associates."
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Korntved & Associates has been in business over 16 years.
We negotiate tax settlements for people and businesses that owe the IRS and State tax agencies money.
We have successfully negotiated approximately 1,000 settlements and currently average about 50-100 every year.
Our current success rate in offers and/or appeals is about 85% - which is amazing when you consider the national norm is about 25%.
That is ALL we do, and we do it well!
You get the following when you deal with us: