Most people violate the first G the most. They never get started, which is the MOST difficult step for solving any problem. You will notice the feeling of optimism the moment you do so. So, get it started.
Get it started.
Get the file moving along. Be prepared to get documents in deadlines. Feel good about it while you do it! Because once you have it going, the whole snowball thing starts to roll uphill, instead of the other way.
Get it going.
Get the settlement paperwork into the taxing authority. Once you are there, you are generally protected from additional collections. That's a good thing!
Get it in.

Korntved & Associates

Solutions to IRS and State Tax Problems: Levy/Lien/Garnishment/Collections/Payment Plan/Offer in Compromise
Tony says, "I can't thank you enough for how you helped me and my family with our IRS problems.

The IRS went after me. They took my pay checks, cleaned out my bank accounts just before Christmas, put a garnishment on my wife's wages, put a lien on my house, visited me at my home, threatened me, scared the life out of me. They were tough and relentless. I couldn't sleep, I lost weight, and I was scared to death they would take my house. I had no one to turn to.

Howard Korntved was recommended to me by my employer. Howard got the IRS to listen and remove the garnishment. He then negotiated an incredible deal for me that I could afford.

I highly recommend Howard for all of your IRS problems."
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Get it negotiated. And get your life back. The insanity is over!
Get it done.
The MOST important part of solving a tax problem