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Tax agency personnel need to know taxpayers are almost always good people. The simple truth is that bad things happen to good people. We can communicate that to tax agencies, and when they know that, they tend to treat you differently.
Interpretation of Circumstances
You cannot just prepare the financial documents and throw them in the pipeline. That is the kiss of death. There is a certain way they have to be filled out to give best chance in negotiations - and we are as good at that as anyone.
Financial Statement Presentation
This step is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF ALL. Weak knees in negotiations is no good. Trust me, we don't have weak knees. All tax agencies know we will take it to the wall if we must. But, we also know when to be more kind and when to say when - so to speak.
Negotiation of the Numbers

Korntved & Associates

Solutions to IRS and State Tax Problems: Levy/Lien/Garnishment/Collections/Payment Plan/Offer in Compromise
David writes, "We were quite fortunate to have finally come across you and your firm. You did in a few months what we and several attorneys had been unable to do over the previous 9 years.

You firm eliminated both the debt and the stress, and for that my wife and I are eternally grateful. We have no problem recommending you and your firm to anyone who needs an almost foolproof way of dealing with the IRS.

At last calculation the IRS indicated that our debt was approximately $178,826. You submitted an offer for $5,500 which was reluctantly accepted by the government.

Please feel free to share this letter with other prospective clients."
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