Negotiation of Numbers

We were in a sticky and contentious negotiation for a client. It was getting to the point where we knew we were almost certainly going to appeals. Something happened. We started to 'feel' a different approach was necessary. We decided to try words of kindness even though nothing close to that was coming from the other side. Well, we ended up in appeals anyway. However, the appeals person having heard how we tried in vain to be kind to the inattentive offer person, settled on the spot for MUCH LESS than the disputed amount in offers! We lost the battle, but won the war bigtime. The simple fact that we were flexible in our approach made that happen. We could 'feel' it - the ability to change, and it worked. The client was extremely happy because the money saved in the appeals settlement saved him four times the fee for the appeal.
Tony writes, " I received my IRS offer in compromise letter today.

The IRS has applied my $300 as payment toward the accepted offered amount of $1,500.

I owed approximately $55,000 and this is a great deal for me.

I am going to enjoy Christmas and New Year thanks to your firm."
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