Interpretation of Circumstances

We had a client with a very sick spouse. Her husband cared for her over a number of years, and paid medical bills instead of taxes. He owed a great deal of money when he came to us. The IRS was levying his bank and garnishing his wages. The IRS said they would not stop collections. They said it was not their problem that she was sick. We were able to have the revenue officer understand the client's financial and emotional state. We added a personal touch to the conversation that made the revenue officer reverse the collection actions and issue a collections hold. We subsequently prepared and negotiated an offer in compromise - and more importantly - the client's spouse had a complete recovery.
Katie came to us when both she and her business owed the IRS.

Katie says, "I would like to thank you again for the great work you did for my health care agency. We never thought our problems with taxes could be resolved without severe complications and payments over our current liability.

It feels so good to know that we are free of past taxes.

You are the best!"

Katie's business owed over $420,000 and paid $6,000.

Katie personally owed over $70,000 and paid $5,299.
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