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An individual was told by three other professionals he would NEVER qualify for an offer in compromise because he made too much money. He came to Korntved & Associates for consultation. We determined there were special circumstances allowing him many more expenses, subsequently qualifying him for an offer in compromise. All we had to do was recharacterize certain expenditures from unallowable to allowable expenses, and redo some other calculations. We prepared an offer in compromise with the numbers recharacterized with the new calculations, and the IRS allowed all of it. The offer settled, and needless to say, the client was a very happy camper.
Bruce owed over $25,000 and settled for $1,000.

He writes, "I chose Korntved & Associates because I wanted a local expert and not one of those guys you hear on the radio.

Right from the start I knew I made the right choice. He laid out all my options and in the end we chose to submit an offer in compromise.

His knowledge and experience of the process and dealing with the IRS really put me at ease. He never made any false promises or guarantees. As we went along, I had many questions and he patiently answered each and every one of them.

I highly recommend Korntved & Associates."
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