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Solutions to IRS and State Tax Problems: Levy/Lien/Garnishment/Collections/Payment Plan/Offer in Compromise
Joan and her husband jointly owned their home. He left her owing a large amount of State taxes. She owed nothing. Joan received his share of the jointly owned home on his abandonment. State filed lien on jointly owned home. We petitioned for lien removal and were successful.

Joan wrote, "I just wanted to send a personal thank you for resolving this life changing matter for me. I went into this with blind faith and you came through for me magnificently.

Thank you for everything!"
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At Korntved & Associates, we hear A LOT of feedback about our leaders - and consequently our tax agencies and policies.
We think it is VERY important to know who runs this country. After all, they are the ones that make the rules. Know your Senators and Congressmen.
Vote! It is your ONLY true right. And remember - your vote IS important.
Get complete and accurate information before you vote; use it to vote for those who impact change in a positive and constructive fashion. Help make/keep this country of ours the greatest in the world.
See who runs this country. See links below.